Friday, 16 August 2013

County Show

The last few weeks has been a haze of wool...I've barely managed to get unpacked in the new studio quite yet, orders are flying out for Autumn Winter 13 including some to Australia and Japan as well. I took part in the County Show this weekend to promote our new winter collection and had a really fantastic time. I was so pleased at how many people came to try things on and made some great new local customers as well a visitor from New Zealand who follows me on Instagram and just happened to be in Orkney on holiday- hello!

 The best bit about the County show is all the beautiful animals. I met this little ginger Shetland pony.

And these pups had there eyes firmly set on the parading cattle.

Over the last few weeks I've made over 200 pom pom... in addition to everything else. I love seeing my designs being produced in multiples and I still get a real kick thinking about all the heads that are going to be wearing these hats. All the poms are made entirely by hand- it's the only way to ensure a really even and round finish. 

I don't have my shelving and tables set up yet so I'll work in small batches and then bag everything up to make sure it's kept nice 'n' fresh!

Just a few more batches of poms to go and that's me for the weekend...


  1. I love your pom pom beanies and knits! They are so adorable. Lovely blog :)

    Xx Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah, I really enjoy your blog too! I discovered it thanks to Style Bubble's mentioning you this week.

    Hilary X


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